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The Martini The Martini

Rated 3 / 5 stars

The caustiks looks great but whith a good renderengin it isn't hard to do that.
and the modeling of a glas isn't very hard to do too.
The olive looks like it is made of jelly because:
1. the green is too bright.
2. nearly nothing has a specularity underwhater because normaly it is whater that makes organic things shiny but underwhater... ;)
3. i think it looks like the olive has a SSS shader but olives donn't realy have.
I think you try to get a cold effect with that blue light but it is a little too greenish so that it makes a hospital feeling.

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Nanakisan responds:

Actually the olive is only phong shaded no SSS. As for the blue color that was the default color of the ground plane i used. I rarely if ever color my lights sometimes. I may think about that in the future however. Thank you for the critique!